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Forget the past.
Forget what I did.
Forget who I was.
Forget him.
Forget her.
Forget them.
Forget us.
Forget where I was.
Forget to love.
Forget to live.
Forget to do.
Forget what to do.
Forget what?
Forget that.
Forget to remember.
Remember to forget.
Forget memories.
Smoke to forget.
Forget to smoke.
Forget the time.
Forget that time.
Forget that time passes.
Forget me.
Forget who I am.
Forget that I forget.
Forget forgetfulness.
I forgot.
I got what I was asking for.


Militants and terrorism

Hamas, which recently declared an end to an unofficial truce with Israel, said the operation was a response to recent deaths of civilians and the targeted killings of two militant leaders.

"This was a very serious Hamas terrorist attack," said Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in a media interview.
Wheher or not one thinks Israel is justified in targeting so-called palestinian militants, no-one can justify the killing of innocent people especially citizens of another country. Palestine now has an elected government, formed by Hamas. If a Hamas attack in retaliation for the killing of civilians and 'militants' is terrorism, what then was the killing by the Israeli army (militants?) of a palestinian family picknicking on a beach?


Thoughts on Megan's Law and the free movement of violent criminals in Europe

Today we heard a minister is going to the US to study Megan's Law in view of importing it to the UK. This was welcomed by campaigners such as the mother of murdered school girl Sarah Payne after whom the proposed law is already being named: Sarah's Law.
Also, the BBC aired a programme about sexual offenders from other European countries having served sentences in their countries and being allowed into the UK only to re-offend.
What is the logic of Megan's Law? The idea is that people will be able to find out at the click of a mouse if a convicted and released paedophile is living in their area. How is this supposed to protect children? Is the responsibility of the police for protecting citizens, including children, to be handed over to ordinary citizens? Are parents supposed to take the law into their own hands?
Is it not our right to believe, that once an offender has served his or her sentence, then they should no longer be a risk?
As for offenders from european countries, if we do not believe certain countries are able either to reform their offenders, should we be allowing their citizens in to the UK freely? Perhaps this shows the meaninglessness at present of Europe as a community.