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Silencing dissent: Syria and USA

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Syrian Human Rights Attorney Sentenced to Three Years in Jail

Syria has sentenced the prominent human rights attorney Haytham al-Maleh to three years in jail. The 78-year-old attorney was jailed over comments he made on TV criticizing the lack of democracy in Syria and the excessive powers wielded by security officials.
Amnesty International condemned the sentence.


Invisible Israelis, by Amira Hass

Amira Hass

The group's reports speak of "international peace activists" who participated in demonstrations and were also detained by the army. Spokesmen for the popular struggle committees reported that three activists were detained on the same day in Bil'in, a British woman and two Israeli women.

No coincidence

The omission of the Israeli presence in the demonstrations is systematic and not coincidental. Even in the weekly regular demonstration at Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, according to the daily report, there is massive participation by "international peace activists." But we know that the demonstration's organizers, most of the participants and most of those arrested are Israelis. True, there are Palestinians who oppose any joint activity with Israelis against the occupation and who consider it part of the "normalization" (befriending the occupier, accepting the occupation as a normal situation ) that they reject (therefore they are cross with the Popular Struggle Committees, which consider Israelis active against the occupation as partners to all intents and purposes ).


The case for truth and reconciliation

Should individuals who have worked for imperialism and State terror or even with fascistic violent groups be allowed to repent? Should we forgive?