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Israel and the US for democracy-their way


Israeli interim Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ruled out any talks with "an armed terror organisation that calls for Israel's destruction".

US President George W Bush said Washington would not deal with Hamas unless it rejected its call to destroy Israel.

So, if we are to understand this correctly, democracy is OK if the US is militarily present in the country, effectively occupying the country?
I have always opposed the killing of innocent civilians. This, however is the reality of war, as practiced by Hamas, Israel, the US and countless others.
For years Israel has had a policy of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth regarding the war with Palestinan armed groups. This can be seen in Spielberg's latest film 'Munich', but it continues to this day. The same is true on the Palestinian side, but no-one in the Israeli flag-waving camp ever answers this most simple question:who has the might, who has the power, who has the fuctioning state? The election in Gaza, and most importantly the media coverage and political reactions to it are a farce, since there is no Palestinian state. I will repeat, as I have said before, that ideally, I am for a bi-national state, as I oppose any state defined along religious lines. This is the case in Israel, and it could well be the case in a Palestinian state, even if Palestinian does not mean Muslim.

And Voice has this


On Menezes shooting

Voice had this to say recently:

To me (and pardon my language here) it's an absolute bloody disgrace that the only person to be arrested so far in relation to the murder of Mr de Menezes is a journalist who told the truth about the murder, and the only reason the journalist seems to have been arrested is because the police are upset that their lies were found out. Now, i'll repeat it, it's an absolute bloody disgrace.


When Scotland Yard could do with Israeli advice...

Taipei Times

"There has not been a single such incident in Israel ... In
fact, as a number of recent terror attacks have demonstrated, the opposite is
the case," one Israeli defense source said. "Police have lost their lives
because they decided not to shoot a person they suspected. In all cases they
sought to question the person."

Admirable...still, let's hope Scotland Yard doesn't take to bombarding houses and ethnic minority neighbourhoods in order to kill a suspect...