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Okinawa base opponents make a stand at Henoko

To understand just how determined the opposition in Henoko, Okinawa, is to Tokyo's plan to relocate the U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Station here, just go to the turquoise waters off Camp Schwab.

A message from the supreme leader

My dear people. You know that I love you dearly, and I want only the best for you. This is why I look over you in all my benevolance with care and with pride.

Jewish People

In contrast to Berlin, who wanted Jews to become a “normal” people like the others, Einstein wrote, “My awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power, no matter how modest. I am afraid of the inner damage Judaism will sustain – especially from the development of a narrow nationalism within our own ranks, against which we have already had to fight strongly, even without a Jewish state.”

Click above or the Cat's dream

The essential nature of Judaism? Why does everyone talk about the specific nature of the Jews, while avoiding qualifying it? Judaism represents a religion as well as a people. So, when a palestinian scholar says, that a religious party has won many seats in the Israeli election, whereas Fatah, the OLP are non-religious, not only is he 'forgetting' about Hamas, but he is himself avoiding the glaring fact: Israel is a religious country, whether or not the party in government is. By it's nature, Israel is religious.


Martin Buber

We have not settled Palestine together with the Arabs but alongside them. Settlement alongside, when two nations inhabit the same country, which fails to become settlement together with, must necessarily become a state against. This is bound to happen here -- and there will be no return to a mere alongside. But despite all the obstacles in our path, the way is still open for reaching a settlement together with. And I do not know how much time is left to us. What I do know is that if we do not attain [such a relationship with the Arabs of Palestine], we will never realize the aims of Zionism. We are being put to the test for the third time in this country.
(October 1929)

We considered it a fundamental point that in this case two vital claims are opposed to each other, two claims of a different nature and a different origin which cannot objectively be pitted against one another and between which no objective decision can be made as to which is just, which unjust. We considered and still consider it our duty to understand and to honor the claim which is opposed to us and to endeavor to reconcile both claims. We could not and cannot renounce the Jewish claim; something even higher than the life of our people is bound up with this land, namely its work, its divine mission. But we have been and are still convinced that it must be possible to find some compromise between this claim and the other, for we love this land and we believe in its future; since such love and such faith are surely present on the other side as well, a union in the common service of the land must be within the range of possibility. Where there is faith and love, a solution may be found even to what appears to be a tragic opposition.

This just in

From the republic of seals.

Mr Jimbo Seal, human-hunter has this to say:
"you know, these 'ere humans, they ain't so cute when they grow up, and they eat a hell of a lotta fish, so you know, it's a matter of our survival."


Illeberal measures in Scotland

And a no-smiling rule means grinning away like the Baldy Man, played by Gregor Fisher, above, will also rule out headshots.
All you friendly Scots are welcome to seek refuge in the FRRE. Here, you will not be tagged, filed or watched.


Today, I have accepted failure in my composting venture, and have decided to star from scratch graciously accepting advice from the composting masters (mistresses in this case) in my entourage. We learn from our mistakes as the excruciatingly cliched cliché goes. In all walks of life, in all cases, we learn from our mistakes.


No hijab

In the case of the young girl who has been forbidden from wearing a hijab in school, I would not wish to be too unfair on the school which apparently has been very fair in it's dress code and the headteacher of which is apparently muslim. However, I hope the UK doesn't abandon it's traditional flexibility in legal matters to go down the french road of stubborn intolerance. Proof of UK flexibility can be seen in the fact, that despite uniforms still being the rule (whereas they no longer exist in France), this case is the first high profile case of a problem arising with a religious item of clothing in the UK. I didn't go beyond primary education in Britain, and my school had no muslims as far as I remember. However, is it rare for muslim girls to wear a headscarf to school in the UK? I would appreciate any input on this matter. Input from citizens of any other country is also welcome (including members of the commonwealth...).

UK contribution to energy saving

But the French firm used by Mr Blair might not make as much money as it would like - earlier this month, a low-energy light bulb was installed in the lantern over the door of Number 10.


Democracy in Afghanistan

Is this what our enemy, the US government, had in mind when it went on a cruisade to bring democracy to Afghanistan?

A democracy founded on the principles of freedom and tolerance does not kill religious dissenters. This was why Afghanistan under the Taliban was considered one of the most oppressive countries in the world.

Unfortunately freedom (specifically freedom of religion) was not part of the "packaged deal" when Afghanistan was liberated, leaving the post-Taliban democracy with four options when it comes to the trial of Abdur Rahman.

Message from the Minister of Not Working Very Hard

Before people get the idea that I'm hypocritically working too hard, I'd like to point out that the following is copied and pasted from Common Dreams who, being smart enough not to overtax themselves, copied and pasted it from the Progressive.

Now we have the I-work-around-the-clock-and-so-should-you ethic reaching upward to drag us all into the turbo-capitalist machine.


If we don't start making social policy that protects us from the business-uber-alles monster, we're going to find every noncash value in our lives subsumed. Family? Leisure? Art? Intellectual pursuits? Hobbies? Cooking? Health? Time with friends? Forget about it.

The KKK with berets


New portfolio

I hereby declare DJEB Minister of Not Working Very Hard. May god bless you.

Some news

British hostage Norman Kember has been freed in Iraq. American Tom Fox was found dead two weeks ago. We condemn the invasion and continued oppression of the Iraqi people by foreign governments. Of course, we abhor the torture and killing of innocent foreigners who are in Iraq to help Iraqis. However, we believe, that those with the real power to halt this civil war are those foreign governments who have effectively colonised the region.
Other news. ETA has announced a permanant cease-fire in the Basque country. We hope
it will truly be permanant, and that there will be no provocation on eiter side of this civil war. Well, I believe and hope all the above.



Ah yes: I need a cabinet. We call upon candidates to send in their candidacies with their motivations. We will hold a vote and existing leaders of the FFRE (me) will vote on new members. You can use the e-mail function at the bottom of each message.

The Activist

Thanks to Colcam, I cam accross this:

So for all of you out there who feel my pain, and for the sake of feeling better about myself, this amateur has humbly created an Amateur's Activist Starter Kit. It is not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive in any way. Just some different ideas to help each of us can take steps towards engaging with our world in a more positive and effective manner without requiring deep life-altering transformations.

The FRRE is a proud sponsor of worldwide anti-imperialistic and pro-earth, pro-human, pro-peace, pro-education and pro-many other things too. Any worthwhile causes will be looked into and debated in government meetings.



This friendly man in the friendly nation of Aotearoa is onto something. Click the picture. Our government (sorry:our nation) has special relations with the people of Aotearoa. We expect a lot from our dealings with those friendly people. As a matter of fact, we are considering creating an Aotearoa day, but we haven't decided on the date yet. All suggestions are welcome. We might consider a referendum. If you're good citizens.


Milosevic Dead

The leader of a white christian nation who oppressed, tortured and murdered muslim minorities in his own country has died. You'd be forgiven for thinking, when listening to the architects of the 'war on terror' and their fan base, that such a notion is fantasy. After all, Islam is the religion of intolerance, is it not?
Now, please all stand while we say our national anthem, "United against fallacy we stand". I haven't written the lyrics yet. If anyone wants to have a go, feel free. The author of the lyrics chosen will be made Cavalier of the Logical Realm.


International Headlines

A Logical Voice (henceforth known as ALV)

"The almighty should sue Blair for libel"
Colcam.Image (henceforth known as CI)
Milosevic Escapes Justice
Terrorism News (you guessed it...)
Buster is back!

Foreign 'democracy'


"Just because the national government has decided something doesn't mean we must refrain from expressing our views," he said.
Oh Japanese protesters, come to the FRRE, you will be welcome with open arms. Here we do not vote, we just decide together. Well, for now I decide together...


The UK tightens the screws


He is expected to argue that there is no case - "not today, not tomorrow" - for creating an institution which could eventually lead to a federal UK.
In the light of this arrogant (whatever one thinks of devolution) stance, I have declared a new republic in exile. This should be a haven of equality and freedom. Oh, and peace. Open minded discussion too. I hope this shall be a light unto all nations...


Forgiveness is all the rage


But these are not the prevailing or even popular assumptions. Instead, we exalt those who can forgive and regard those who cannot as guilty of a kind of moral weakness. We demand that those who have been brought low reach highest.
Of course forgiveness doesn't mean you have to love your husband's killer. It would be simplistic to say that. The reason forgiveness is praised (yet not enough in my opinion), is partly because we live in a society which deals with it's problems all too often with punishment. Too often, the answer is the death penalty, and that, to many of us is wrong. Forgiveness is an ideal, and not an easy one to practice, but it's the reason I, and many others oppose the death penalty.
Also, forgiveness is necessary if we wish to overcome the violence we experience regularly, be it on the streets of Belfast, London or elsewhere.
I have never judged someone because they find it hard to forgive. Who am I to judge? However, if someone calls for punishment, I must oppose that with a call for forgiveness. Many may think forgiveness means being easy on criminals. Punishment, however, is a false solution, which only brings more violence.


Lest we forget (click)

Frozen Embryos


"The key thing for me was just to be able to decide when, and if, I would start a family."
I can't believe men who think that giving their sperm, even through the act of sex, makes them a father. Us men do not carry the baby. What makes us fathers, is bringing up a child, and all the more if we are present during pregnancy.
I think it is an abuse of power, and extremely immature of this man to claim the right to determine how his sperm is used. He has given the sperm, he made the decision at the time. I would tell him to grow up and stop being such a narcissist. No doubt other men will disagree, and I don't mind reading their comments.

Alberto Gonzales

The US Attorney General refuses to accept what goes on at Guantanamo Bay is torture as defined by international law. When asked if simulating drowning is an act of torture, he refuses to answer, saying he will not talk about the tactics of the US as it would help the enemy. Quite obviously avoiding the obvious. If it wasn't a tactic, he would strongly deny it.
When asked if the US practices extraordinary rendition without the consent of the countries where it takes place, he again avoids answering, prefering to say "the US respects countries' sovereignity".
Only severely brainwashed individuals would believe this man or any of his colleagues.


Click pic.
As my friend DJEB so rightly points out, the most fanatical anti-abortionists are not pro-life, as they are the same people who not only support capital punishment, but also the killing of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, in the dubious name of 'liberation'. No-one should be duped into believing, that 'pro-lifers' view life as sacred. Religion is merely a tool for Conservatism in politics. I once saw a picture of a pro-lifer with a placard opposing all forms of killing, including the death penalty, abortion and war. I have much more respect for someone like that, even if I don't agree with them on the issue of abortion. I do not celebrate abortion, I simply celebrate the right of a woman (as well as any human being) to to do as she wishes with her body, including what is inside her body.

Drunken sex

A law change has been mooted allowing juries to decide whether a woman was too drunk to give consent.

"Giving consent is active not passive, and it's up to everyone to make sure that their partner agrees to sexual activity," she said.
Are women going to have to sign a piece of paper consenting to sex? Is drunken sex going to be outlawed? Maybe police officers are going to break in and breathalise couples engaged in sex.
Rape is a serious crime. Most rape is perpetrated by someone close to the victim, ie a parner. This is another proposed law which seems to show that all the government is interested in is legislation. Why do some men feel they can take advantage of women? That's the real question.

South Dakota tightens abortion laws


"The sponsors and supporters of this bill believe that abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society. I agree with them," he said in a written statement.
Unborn means unborn. Unborn children are a part of their mothers' bodies, they do not belong to society.
The most vulnerable people in society in this case are the mothers seeking abortion who will not stop because the law is tightened. They will simply be made even more vulnerable. Conservative 'religious' bigots are selfish, sick, tortured. I would add evil, if I believed in evil.

Met Police cover up on De Menezes murder

Check it out at A Logical Voice

The Times reports on the police obstructing justice in the case of murdered Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes:

Well-placed sources say the Met has declined repeated requests by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to disclose hundreds of pages of internal papers. The documents give the Met’s private assessment of the botched counter-terrorist operation that led to Jean Charles de Menezes mistakenly being killed by Yard marksmen at Stockwell Underground station last July.

The details could prove vital in knowing exactly what Ian Blair knew, and when the liar knew it.


I googled 'Asian' and 'French'

and this is what I came up with:

Asian French

DJEB, have you been there? I'll have to go when I'm back in Edo...

The Good Savage


Maj Gen Mateparae had successfully "melded together" the traditions of the Maori warrior and the British army, Defence Minister Phil Goff said.

"I am immensely proud as a New Zealander... to serve. I am also immensely proud as a member of Ngati Tuwharetoa [tribe] to be selected," he said.

The day a Maori is elected head of state in Aotearoa, and all New Zealanders are known as Aotearoans, then maybe Aotearoa will have left it's colonial past behind.
The citizens of Aotearoa today are not only of Maori or British origin. Many are of French, Swiss, Asian origin and more. The attachment to the British crown or the British army is nonsensical - in my opinion.


Toilet cleaner than ice in drinks

From A Logical Voice, this:

The results: In four of the five restaurants, the ice that came from the self-service machines had more bacteria than the toilet water, reports Tampa Bay Online. Three of the five cups of ice from the drive-through windows had more bacteria than the toilet water. The bacteria in the ice included fecal coliform or E. coli, which can only come from the feces of warm-blooded animals.

Do you feel responsible?

Here are a couple of ways you can make the world a cleaner, fairer, friendlier place. These are just links-click on the images-you have to feel responsible first.

Playing golf in space


Nasa is currently studying the risks of the commercial deal, brokered by Russia with the Canadian golf company, Element 21.

If the astro-golf attempt is approved, Element 21 plans to donate the gold-plated golf club to a charity back on Earth.

Well, that's nice.