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On the Nuke

A guest on Any Questions on Radio4 in answer to opponents of a nuclear strike on Iran asked what should be done. Nobody saw fit to point out to him that the question is what should not be done, not what should be done. When something is morally wrong, you don't need to justify yourself for not doing it, by finding an alternative.


The Queen at 80:your memories


And some people still think the BBC is biased against patriotism...

Third in line


"There's no way I'm going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.

"That may sound very patriotic, but it's true. It's not the way anyone should really work."
Prince Harry, actually appearing to apologize for sounding patriotic. Priceless.

4OO years and more of flag waving


"The Union Jack to me represents the repression of the Scots by the English..."

[a_loon_nae_a_quine], Aberdeenshire..

How sad that you feel inclined to this petty sub-nationalism. While historically you may be correct isn't time we all got on together a bit better? I live in England but when I travel to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland I don't feel like I'm in another country - can't we all be proud to be Britons?
So it's better to be a British nationalist than a 'sub' scottish nationalist? To follow on logically from there, it should be even better to fly the EU flag-surely British nationalism is merely a 'sub-nationalism'. Can't we all be proud to be Europeans?

The Union Flag? Why don't you ask the Lost Generation from the 1914-18 war what it meant to be sent by inbred gentry to meaningless slaughter under it?
Couldn't really put it any better than that.


My roaming minister in exile

DJEB is very busy on the permaculture front. Pay him a visit.

Coppers eye view

I saw the news recently highlighting the use of a new piece of equipment for the police - a 'head camera' which an officer wears on his head, which will then record images and sounds from his perspective.

I don't like the idea of them being permanently on, without being able to switch them off, otherwise for an entire 10 hour shift no one will talk to me, leaving me alone to wander about in silence!

The matter of individuals having their every move potentially watched (is that a comprehensible phrase?)seems no longer to be an issue. The issue now, is if it is practical for our friendly coppers or not.
Perhaps this is a reminder, that there are still areas where we can/need to react before yet another piece of our freedom is confiscated from us. I'm thinking, for example of ID cards.


Exceptional Frog News!!!!!!!

Just because I want as many people to read this as possible.
Mr P Meeson, boss at airline, thinks he's gonna single-handedly get French air traffic controllers back to work, by accusing them of being 'lazy frogs'. Ha! Well done, mate, my guess is you've managed to lose several potential customers (although, I for one had never heard of Now I have...).

As ever, you can go to The Frog&Bulldog for ze niouwze.


New blog and old blog

Citizens! If you wish to boaden your horizons, and so become model citizens of the FRRE, pay a visit to the new blog on the blogosphere, The Frog&Bulldog, where you will find news from the frog republic. If you feel up to a bit of french (ooh la la), you can drop in on In Urbe, where you will find more and more news from the United (oh so united) Kingdom. Surf on!

Immigration wall