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PCAS: Libyan ship sailed to Gaza carrying 3 thousand aid tons

Popular Committee Against the Siege Date : 11-25-2008
(Update: Also see,000-tons-of-aid-to-gaza-2008112516728.html

Gaza Strip, 25, November, 2008-PCAS- In a prompt press release issued a few hours ago, Chairman of Popular Committee Against Siege PCAS, Jamal El Khoudary announced that a Libyan ship (officially) sailed this evening shipped with 3 thousand tons of humanitarian and medical aids.

Upon a call with Libyan officials Tuesday evening, El Khoudary said the ship is presented from the Libyan State and its people in coordination with the Libyan foreign affairs ministry.

He added that this ship is number one and it would be followed by tens of other ships in case of getting today's trip succeeded.

This work came out after considerable coordination exerted by PCAS in the past days. It would be considered the first practical Arabian stance to end the inhuman siege imposed on Gaza.

The recent situation in Gaza is gloomy as Israel fools the mainstream with its closed crossings saying she has reopened them yesterday. Around 70% of Gaza still plunges into deep darkness while fears arose the water is being contaminated across Gaza.

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak said that Gaza crossings will remain closed.

Jordan Times

The government decision to dispatch aid to the besieged Gaza Strip was a very welcome move and the right thing to do to support Palestinians who are suffering from the inhumane and illegal Israeli closure of Gaza.

This is the kind of action needed. Reports that Libya is sending a shipment of aid by sea signify that the Arab world may finally be stirring.

Nothing will send a clearer signal to Israel than Arab countries uniting with determination and solidarity to help out Gazans who are currently bearing the brunt of Israeli aggression.

There is no suggestion here that Arab countries should engage in anything that could be construed as illegal under international law.

The 1.5 million Palestinians of Gaza Strip are in dire need not only of humanitarian supplies, including food, medicine and fuel, but also of an opening to their Arab brothers and a signal that, as far as it can, the Arab world stands ready to help Gazans reestablish a semblance of normal life.

That is why, whether through agreement with Israel, as in Jordan’s case, or without agreement but in a peaceful and legitimate manner, as in Libya’s case, and with all those activists who have braved the high seas and Israeli navy to break the siege, concerted and determined action by Arab countries will be effective.

It will be effective in Gaza, where a beleaguered and impoverished population will receive the signal that it is not forgotten. It will be effective in Israel, which will be faced with the prospect of defiance by the Arab world in a way that it cannot respond to in the manner it usually does: with force.

Aid shipments to the poor cannot be condemned. At the end of the day, they cannot be resisted. Now it remains for Arab governments to follow up these initial actions with more. If one keeps on knocking, the door will eventually open.