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The new face of US imperialism

Obama has got the Israel-Palestine the wrong way round. Someone needs to remind him, that an Israel exists, and doesn't need it's right to be recognised. There is no palestinian state. The core of the 'conflict' is israeli occupation and settlement of territories occupied during the course of war, which is illegal according to international law. If there is violence on both sides, unnacceptable violence, an end of violence must be called for from both sides equally. However, the end to israeli occupation and the creation of a palestinian state is not a present to Hamas to be given in return for an end to violence. It is Israel's responsibility and duty according to international law. There can be no conditions for an end to israeli occupation in the West Bank and the strangling of the gazan population, a blockade which is the reason for tunnels and smuggling of weapons and necessities. The demand for recognition of Israel by Hamas or the so-called 'arab' states is ridiculous. Nobody says what Israel they should recognise: Eretz Israel? 1948 Israel? 1967 Israel? Today's Israel with pockets in the midst of a palestinian state (if it ever happens)? What palestinian state does Israel actually recognise and has it committed its self to? Obama has said nothing that even hints at a change in US-israeli relations or on the oppression of the Palestinians.