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Israeli elections, the right, the 'left' and the colonisation of the land


Netanyahu's election is likely to bring the curtain down on the great fraud - the best show in town - the lie of "negotiations" and the injustice of the "peace process." Israel consistently claimed these acts proved the nation was focused on peace and the end of the occupation. All the while, it did everything it could to further entrench the occupation and distance any chance of a potential agreement.

For 16 years, we have been enamored with the peace process. We talk and talk, babble and prattle, and generally feel great about ourselves; meanwhile the settlements expand endlessly and Israel turns to the use of force at every possible opportunity, aside from a unilateral disengagement which did nothing to advance the cause of peace.


Netanyahu would offer something else. First, he is a faithful representative of an authentic "Israeli" view - an almost complete distrust of Arabs and the chance of reaching peace with them, mixed with condescension and dehumanization. Second, he will finally arouse the world's rage towards us, including that of the new U.S. administration. Sadly, this may be the only chance for the kind of dramatic change that is needed.

The Daily Star
As far as government support by active aid is concerned, Barak has only recently approved the construction of a new settlement in the Binyamin region in return for settlers' agreement to evacuate the unsanctioned outpost of Migron. Binyamin is located to the northeast and northwest of Occupied Jerusalem.

Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

(Signed by Israel 08.12.1949. Ratified by Israel 06.07.1951)

The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.

ie: there are NO legal settlements.