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Salvadoran President to Issue Formal State Apology on 30th Anniversary of Romero Murder

And today marks the thirtieth anniversary of the assassination of the Salvadoran Catholic Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. Known as the “voice of the voiceless,” Romero was a prominent advocate for the poor and a leading critic of the US-backed Salvadoran military government. He was killed while delivering mass at a hospital chapel, reportedly on the orders of the US-backed death squad leader Roberto D’Aubuisson. Earlier this month, Romero was one of the historical figures deleted from Texas’s social studies curriculum as part of the sweeping changes approved by the state’s Republican-dominated board of education. The board voted to omit Romero from history lessons after deeming him to be “insignificant.” This year marks the first time the El Salvador government is commemorating Romero’s murder. President Mauricio Funes is expected to issue a formal apology today on behalf of the Salvadoran government.

That was thirty years ago. Today, a US investigative reporter is being threatened with imprisonment for exposing the murderous regime of a US ally. US president says it loud and clear (27"20'):
We want Indonesia to be a close partner for many years to come, and we want a prosperous and secure Indonesia.
The target is for the indonesian regime to remain an ally. All means must match that target.

Meanwhile, with the PM of the US ally-in-chief present, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes it impossible for anyone to claim the neutrality of the US in Palestinian-Israeli 'conflict' (04"00'):

“We in Congress stand by Israel, something we have a joint bipartisan commitment (Nervous laughter - note by Jez). No separation between us on this subject. In Congress we speak with one voice on the subject of Israel. Together we remain committed to advancing the peace process, preserving Israel’s security, responsible sanctions against Iran, working to finalize Iran sanctions bill right now.”

With regards to Iran, the target is regime change, and all means must match that target.
The target with Palestine, is protection of the zionist state at all costs. All costs are the means.
In Palestine, the 'peace process' is US-speak for 'preserving Israel's security'. If that means diminishing Palestinian freedom and self-determination, then oppressing the Palestinians must be the means.

Meanwhile, in the US, hundreds of thousands rallied to demand rights for immigrants, most of them seeking freedom from those countries allied with the US no doubt.