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4OO years and more of flag waving


"The Union Jack to me represents the repression of the Scots by the English..."

[a_loon_nae_a_quine], Aberdeenshire..

How sad that you feel inclined to this petty sub-nationalism. While historically you may be correct isn't time we all got on together a bit better? I live in England but when I travel to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland I don't feel like I'm in another country - can't we all be proud to be Britons?
So it's better to be a British nationalist than a 'sub' scottish nationalist? To follow on logically from there, it should be even better to fly the EU flag-surely British nationalism is merely a 'sub-nationalism'. Can't we all be proud to be Europeans?

The Union Flag? Why don't you ask the Lost Generation from the 1914-18 war what it meant to be sent by inbred gentry to meaningless slaughter under it?
Couldn't really put it any better than that.