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Support for Hizbollah

Lebanese Hizbollah member of parliament Hussan Haj Hussein told the BBC, that everyone in Lebanon, including Druzes, Maronites, Chi'ites and Sunnis supported Hizbollah.

This is what the Druze leader Walid Joumblatt had to say recently about Hizbollah:

He accused the movement of working to an Iranian and Syrian timetable when it kidnapped two Israeli soldiers on July 12, triggering a devastating Israeli retaliation. In the process Hizbollah had “stolen the hopes” of young Lebanese whose protests last year helped force Syria to withdraw its troops after 22 years in Lebanon.
But he said that like many Lebanese he had to support the Shia movement in its resistance against “brutal Israeli aggression”.
This is not exactly all out support, as the the Hisbollah message came accross.

Neither is this:

Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Shiite group, was criticized by leaders from other Lebanese communities of acting individually, without even the knowledge of the government in which it is represented, when it kidnapped two Israeli soldiers and killed eight in the attack on July 12 which unleashed Israel's wrath against Lebanon.

The religious leaders held Israel fully responsible for moral and material losses inflicted on Lebanon, including the massacre of civilians and the destruction of private and public properties, and called for suing the Jewish state before international forums.