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Oftentimes we get weary of the same news over and over again, for example the second story below. Indeed, one could say the media gets weary much quicker than the general population...There is of course something quite obscene in comparing victims (dead and wounded) of violence, particularly innocent vicitms. What does it matter what blood ran in their veins, what god(s) they worshipped, what 'nation' they professed to belong to, and what land they claimed as theirs? It should not matter. It does, however, matter to our 'official' commentators and leaders. I leave it up to you to make your own mind up on this question.

Dear friends,

I'm at a loss for words! How much more before it's too late, or is it already!

In the first story, you will not find the words "mob" or "lynching," these are reserved only when Palestinians are the perpetrators.

Regarding the second story, note that these checkpoints are under 100% Israeli surveillance. I ask why aren't the surveillance camera tapes being shown to the public? May the killers never sleep a full night again as they see Fahmi in their nightmares!

Occupation morally corrupts the occupier,



'I kicked the Arab, I stepped on his head'

By Uri Blau

Dozens of teenage boys from Jerusalem received the same ICQ message: "We're putting an end to all the Arabs who hang out in 'Pisga' [Pisgat Ze'ev] and the mall, whistle at the girls, curse, threaten little kids. Anyone who is Jewish and wants to put an end to all that should be at Burger Ranch at 10 P.M., and we'll finally show them they can't hang in our area anymore. Anyone who is willing to do that and has Jewish blood should add his name
to this message."



Murder at Huwara [Checkpoint]

This time we came to the checkpoint especially in order to gather testimony about the murder of 15.5-year old Fahmi Abd alJawaad alDarduk, who was shot by the soldiers at this checkpoint on Monday, May 19th 2008.

After he was shot, the army claimed that pipe bombs had been detected in his belt. That wires had been seen hanging from under his clothing. That three pipe bombs had been observed. Later it was said there were five. One of the perpetrators of this crime was cited for excellence.

A Palestinian ambulance arriving from Nablus twenty minutes later at the most was not permitted access to the bleeding boy until 11:30 PM. For two and a half hours he lay on the concrete floor of the checkpoint and no one was allowed to approach him but the Occupation forces. During this time all Palestinians in the area were violently pushed away and the blood washed away with water jets.


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