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Elie Wiesel joins the Iran fest

Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin

Remember when a leader of a nation violates all standards of morality and decency by announcing to the whole world his wish to see a nation member of the international community wiped off the map,
Wahey! There goes Wiesel, and he has a head start on the others with this beautifully timed fallacy! Will he keep up the momentum....
At least he's frank in his goals and in his dreams. He really wants to see the end of the Jewish state and thus annihilating all its Jewish inhabitants.
Yes! What wonderful sense of bias! What amazing disregard of evidence! Beautiful!
Their number they come close to a figure that will forever hound humankind's memory: six million
And he knows just when to throw in that magic figure...such grace!
Shame on him for preaching the murder of multitudes of Jewish children and their parents
How does Wiesel do it?! Such is the power of his immagination!
He wants to be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons while openly boasting of how he will use them and against whom.
And it's not over! The man is truly unbeatable in his literary prowess...
What mass murderers has he chosen as his guides?
Surely this is irony? It must be. Elie Wiesel must know Ahmadinejad (the fundamentalist muslim) is a loyal student of Hitler (the nihilist nazi). Yes surely he must.
The international community is duty bound to listen to his threats and respond with adequate measures.
Ah yes...Elie Wiesel is truly a master at the art of serving the elite. Bravo! One can only bow to his greatness.

And for desserts:
For in threatening an ancient people with annihilation
What ancient people? The Israelis? The Zionists?? Oh, Elie, such a joker!