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Palestinian West Bank village under curfew

Hindi Mesleh, a resident of Nilin who spoke to reporters outside the town, said he had managed to evade the cordon and leave. He called the curfew "collective punishment" and said food and medical supplies were being kept out of the town. Another resident contacted by telephone inside the town, Mohammad Khawaja, said he had seen some 100 soldiers stopping villagers from leaving their homes. He said about 50 people were wounded by tear gas and rubber bullets during Sunday's clashes.
A palestinian boy of 13 was detained for two months and beaten says israeli human rights organisation B'tselem.

International human rights law requires separation of adult and minor prisoners and detainees. Israel meets the requirement with respect to Israeli adults and minors. In the case of Palestinians who are suspected of security offenses or have been convicted of security offenses, Israel breaches the requirement systematically.
UK plans to remove 11,ooo zimbabwean refugees according to refugee groups

A removal letter, sent at the end of May to an exiled London-based member of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, states: 'The support that you have been provided with is to be discontinued ... You should note that there is no right to appeal against this decision ... You must now leave the United Kingdom.'
(see Refugee Council)

US kills wedding guests say witnesses. US says they were in fact Taliban fighters.
Witnesses said at least 20 civilians, travelling to the wedding in Nangarhar on Sunday, were killed. Women and children were among the dead and injured.
A spaniard narrowly beats a swiss at a game of tennis according to my TV set. No-one has yet disputed that fact.
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