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Do I forgive them? At the point of death Jesus said 'I forgive them because they don't know what they did'.

The Sun believes her response is "too good" for the killers, who it says "deserve to rot in jail".

"Lets show the minority that this will not be tolerated. Let's show them that this is Huyton and Liverpool and the people here are different and special and they will do something about it."

I think forgiveness is paramount. Not only for the perpetrator, but fot the victim and/or the victim's family. I don't think one has to have religious faith to practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is not the monopoly of religion. It is a humanist belief too. However, is it possible to forgive if the perpetrator fails to ask for forgiveness? Seemingly, in this case, he has asked for it.
What the last comment shows, is that, despite what tabloids and populists would like us to believe, forgiveness does not mean tolerance of hatred and violence.