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Here's a message to the Singaporean government. The people in this picture are honouring the life of a man. Not a drugs smuggler, but a human being. As I have already written on this blog, humans need forgiveness. This has nothing to do with Christianity or any other religion. Vengance is UN-human. Vengance is barbaric, unnecessary, violent and counter-productive. The idea that people are going to stop taking drugs, because of the death penalty, and that therefore drugs smugglers will cease to exist, is fantasy. You know that, and the Australian PM knows that, despite his call to Australians to refrain from smuggling BECAUSE of the death penalty in Singapore and elsewhere.
If we are to believe the story of this man, he smuggled drugs out of love for his brother who had incurred debts when he was a drug-addict. Nguyen was probably killed for trying to help his brother. Furthermore, by putting this man to death, you have inflicted terrible pain on his mother, his brother and the rest of his family and friends. Do they, if anyone, deserve such pain? For this reason alone, the death penalty is a vicious and hateful practice.
I would like to repeat my belief that executing someone is not only IN-human but also UN-human.