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I beg your pardon, Shimon?


"The U.N. has already said Israel has fulfilled all the United Nations resolutions to the latest point, and the one who didn't do so was Lebanon," Peres said. "So I don't see anything that the United Nations can do about it."

For a list of Israeli non-compliances and US vetoes, click here

As for Lebanon, perhaps it could control its border more easily if it had the might of Israel and the military support of Israels biggest ally, the US. Also, if Israel refrained from killing dozens of innocent civilians in Gaza in retaliation for the kidnapping of Israeli combatants then perhaps Hezbollah would have less support. Finally, whatever happened to the supposed syrian and iranian financial and political support for Hezbollah? What is Israel waiting for? This is obviously meant to be ironic, I do not condone the killing of innocent civilians in any country or any place.