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Israeli precision


UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon contacted Israeli troops 10 times before an Israeli bomb killed four of them, an initial UN report says.

The post was hit by a precision-guided missile after six hours of shelling, diplomats familiar with the probe say.

Israel is conducting an investigation into the incident.

It has rejected accusations made by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan that the targeting of the UN position was "apparently deliberate".
Why conduct an investigation if it already knows the outcome?
The familiar justification for killing non-combatants is, that fighters are hiding amongst them. So, we are meant to believe, that bombing indiscriminately is the only solution. What exactly has this 'solution' led to, other than killing innocent civilians and aid workers? Has it increased the safety of israeli civilians? And does Tsahal actually believe Red Cross ambulances are hiding Hezbollah fighters?


And how come - since this now obsesses the humanitarian organisations working in Lebanon - that the Israelis bombed two ambulances in Qana, killing two of the wounded inside and wounding the third civilian for the second time in a day. All the crews were injured - one with a piece of shrapnel in his neck - but what worried the Lebanese Red Cross was that the Israeli missiles had clearly pierced the very centre of the red cross painted on the roof of each vehicle. Did the pilots use the cross as their aiming point?