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Ethnic considerations in Israeli elections

This is a pretty serious analysis from Haaretz

Is the claim regarding the departure of the Ashkenazi Laborites based on empirical research? And if so, is the reason for their departure actually connected to Peretz's Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) background? To clarify these issues, the first thing to check is whether there has been a decline in the number of Ashkenazis intending to vote for the Labor Party. If there is such a decline, it would be interesting to see whether it is greater than the decline in the number of Mizrahis planning to vote Labor.

More in-depth research is required to isolate the effect of each of these factors on its own, including ethnic background. The fact that the mention of ethnic identification in the election propaganda could in itself have a certain impact must also be taken into account, although not specifically in the direction anticipated by those who raised the issue.

It should perhaps be added that, as far as I know, Mizrahis traditionally favour Likud, whereas Ashkenazis traditionally favour Labour. This may explain the departure of Mizrahis from the party, whereas ethnicity could be a major factor in the reasons for Ashkenazis departing. Perhaps someone could give some insight.