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Racist Lie

Yoram Ettinger on Ynet

Hamas' victory will spur on Arab emigration (especially amongst PA employees and their families), and growing anti-Semitism in France and the former Soviet Union will spur aliya (Jewish immigration).
French Jews don't flee french antisemitism. They emigrate to Israel because they can. French muslims don't emigrate to a muslim country to getaway from french racism. They don't emigrate. They stay in France, because they have no other choice.

Idan Landau on Ynet
What, exactly, would be lost the day we lost our Jewish majority? Arnon Sofer doesn't say. To each his own nightmares.

Some speak about the end of the "Jewish nature" of the country. But this is absurd. Even now, according to Sofer's numbers, 42 percent of Israel's residents, including the Territories, are Palestinian. Their influence on the "Jewish nature" of the country is negligible, unless discrimination and racism are considered "Jewish."

A fifth of Israeli citizens are Arab. Do they get a fifth of the land available for building, a fifth of the country's education and infrastructure resources, a fifth of available public funds? Of course not.

The most obvious discrimination against them has gone on for decades, even in areas where they are the majority.