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IDF "Dogs of War"


After Mustafa left the house, the soldiers entered. Salha says that they were too many to count, "maybe 40"; she was very frightened and their faces were painted black. She remained seated on the mattress on the floor, which is her bed. "I remained alone in the house, in bed," she explains, adding that the soldiers noticed her, didn't say a word, and went outside. A few minutes later the dog entered. She described a frightening red animal with a collar to which an electronic device was attached. Why did the dog enter after the soldiers had already searched the house?
This article comes from an Israeli newspaper, not a Palestinian or Arab media outlet.
Everybody was up in arms after the recent Hamas victory in Palestinian controlled areas, and I cannot say I was overjoyed. However, what this article shows, is that these elections mean very little, as there is no Palestinian state, and Israel is still as present and as aggressive as ever in Palestinian lives.
With regards to this particular story, what I find most worrying is that this apparently trained dog did more than simply help to arrest a suspect, it actually 'attempted' to kill, and what's more the victim was not the suspect.