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ID Cards

It's the first time I post on the subject. I watched Peter Hain defend ID cards on Question TIme. He said we already have ID, we're already tagged. So, why go further?
Here in France, we have ID cards, but I don't have one. I'm white, though. This is about a freedom being taken away, and those who will see their freedom taken away will be those who look different. That's obvious. France is a particularly good example of a police state, regarding police violence, for example. Yet, I have never been stopped by police on the street, and neither, as far as I know, have my friends or members of my family. It may be to do with the colour of my skin or it may be to do with the areas I hang out in - which are not areas where a majority of non-whites live. British police may seem more civilised, but we've all seen the reports of 'institutional racism' in the police, so I don't think we can expect any better from them.